#CreativeMornings – May 4th

Hosted by Friends of Design, Regina Kgatle, an electrical/computer engineer that designs educational games and works towards developing the social sector through low-key collaborations, was effervescent about her host’s exceptional forward thinking capabilities that could put them in the forefront of schooling trends.

As bold a proclamation as that is, I think it is deserved. I say this because every time I enter their space, I’m not only captivated by the depth of the individuals they present but also the utility of the actual physical space.

The interior reminds me of a refrigerator door of a highly creative family.

Posters, projects, messages and all manner of design paraphernalia are expertly scattered. Hours of creativity go into that space. I enjoy that.


Strongly believing in the power of fun, I found her presentation comforting. Regina laid the groundwork for the discussion by pointing out the commonality of games. Mobile games in particular. Drawing from her own childhood experiences with local arcades and the struggle between play and learning [possibly homework], Regina seems to actively to question the status quo with her project goals. Combining learning and play.


As exciting as that topic is, the reality of this combination relies on scant funding. I was curious to learn more about Regina’s innovative funding model that allows underfunded programmes to grow into the technologically inclined paradigm we’re finding ourselves in.

By profiting off private schools, Regina’s organisation, Educade (link below) funnels resources to communities that don’t have the funding to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s technological advances.

With years of experience in her chosen field, Regina’s gentle confidence encouraged me to ask the one question I’ve been fretting over for the better part of 3 years.

How would you suggest incorporating all these new technologies into programmes that are still relying on conventional (offline) games to engage and teach people new concepts?

Despite her reluctance to talk money on such an open platform (expertly covered by an “I don’t know”)… I gathered that it partly boils down to collaboration with the right partners.


This isn’t a cure-all unfortunately. The inefficiencies of working with government bureaucratic institutions block partnerships.

When the partnerships do work…amazing things happen (like breakfast and informative talks). Regina went on to describe a children’s game called “There’s a monster for everyone” that addresses issues around sexuality and rape. For more about the game, please contact @67GamesSA.

I also got a chance to speak to one other audience member, Liddi, who shared her experience of learning how to encourage self-learning in children and adults. That was a good conversation, thanks Liddi!

Overall, good talk. I’m curious about the next one on the 25th.

For more information:

Educade – The organisation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – World Economic Forum


Approaching the #working day


With great resolutions come great responsibility. My first responsibility is to my body and that’s why I love using the morning to optimize my being for exactly those tasks that solidify my resolve.

In the gentle 7am heat of Cape Town’s Company’s Garden, I lay on the lawn, contemplating the moon’s consistent orbit. Today, the waning satellite almost appears to drag the sun into view from a hiding place below the horizon. The atmosphere is saturated in a sluggish but determined rhythm. Do I really have to work today?

Aging butterflies fly low, reminiscing                   

A grim reminder of why I am willing to put in the effort to get the most out of my short life flutters near me.

Tattered wings would usually deplete my positivity but I choose to take a different perspective. Those wings have worked. That butterfly has flown and tasted the sweet nectar of life all over his/her little world. The little guy is inspiring!

Dissecting the path ahead

Adopting a person-centered approach to facilitating my professional growth Grobler, Schenck(2009), I stand barefoot on the lawn and immerse myself in my humanity. I take a minute to bathe in the rivers from the sun. Recurring memories like the rays themselves stoke the fires that brought me to community facilitation in the first place.

“I see what is and I see what is possible with what is. For too long, I’ve been living in the realm of what is possible without considering what actually is.”

Drawing in my immediate surroundings, I notice the people around me, scurrying to work. Gardeners setting up their ingenious sprinklers that cool the air and moisturize the face of the city center’s prime haven. Joggers, giving me future memories of myself. The distant rumble of the city rising to meet the day unlocks instinctual processes and I sense the circadian rhythm. I want to strengthen my body and add my humble voice to what I know will be a masterpiece of African proportions that will last for the next 8 hours. Who on this continent has not heard Cape Town’s call into the 3rd world night?

Development is contagious

I imagine the city taking stock of its rhythms, considering the tasks that need delegating and assembling its ergonomics for efficiency. In my mind, the city is one entity, allocating its resources to those it favours, spanning its complex mind into the future and motivating creation by inspiring creativity.

In reality, this hour of the morning meets most of the city’s mind stuck in traffic. Grumpy and hoping for coffee.

A single impulse, waiting at an intersection

Summer in #CapeTown

The main event is the rise in temperature. A typically erratic increase from a wonderfully breathable average of 17 degrees Celsius to a lung-searing chemical concoction administered at about 34 degrees.

Just balmy.

Of course, I am referring to the Cape Town fires that are becoming more and more commonplace, cheered on by the localised drought and bible-bashing prophets claiming apocalypse. Apparently, experts say that low rainfall isn’t the only cause of the receding dam levels. Demand for water has increased as well. What with the rising population, I hardly think this is a surprise but hey,  outdated bureaucracy is all that management seems to be capable of.

As for the apocalypse; I, for one, have seen these demons that have been prophesied. They stroll down the promenade with their oh-so-perfect bodies. Taunting my winter physique with possibilities of my muscular inner-self. I really should have taken the resolution to work out more seriously. No Speedos in my foreseeable future. On me, at least.

That won’t stop me from ending the reclusive habits that winter so generously enabled. Barring the impending damage to my body (sunburn and the inevitable tumbles), I do plan on exploring the wilderness a little more than I should. All I need to do now is find some like minded troopers willing to brave the crime-ridden forests for the thrill of it.

Photo Oct 29, 3 04 53 PM
The Cape Town Bonsai Festival

I could risk going alone but getting mugged is really just an extra expense that I can do without right now. The news stories of poor security plans around the city make me just want to play it safe and attend the more intellectually inclined events. Like the SA Cocktail Week which is currently encouraging the imagination from behind the bar. Careful with those neurons please! Or the natural aesthetics on display all over the city. I had a lot of fun imagining all sorts of sprites and fairies loving the bonsai trees at the Company Gardens a week or so ago.

I could take a part-time job now that the hospitality industry is dusting off its finest silver for the influx of tourists. Lord knows I need to fund my research in any case. Despite the ignorant few who depend on destructive protests for survival, South Africa has worthy plans for urban development. Hotels, luxury apartments, schools(?) and youth development programmes are in fashion this season.

Try not to worry about the protests too much…just avoid large crowds at the airport (they tend to have excrement and other similar projectiles) and public transport in certain areas during certain times, usually political rallies and what not.

This business of observing the locals in their natural environments comes with a heavy price (mainly giving way to a cynical truth about human nature). With so much drama going on in Africa, its quite interesting to watch the local blacks, whites, coloureds tread broken glass around each other. Sussing out each interaction and sometimes, actually managing to be civil to each other. Those are precious moments.

With more and more people moving into cities (like Cape Town), there’s bound to be some tension in the air.

Try to ignore the negativity.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research: Drier future for the Western Cape

Whats on in Cape Town: Talks and tours archives (end of 2017 into 2018)

Pricewaterhouse Coopers: Hospitality industry outlook 2017-2021

#Planning Week 34

My favourite thing about time is its application towards self-evolution. Time, in my opinion, is one of humanity’s favourite tools.

I haven’t made much use of it. Mainly because my life flows through it. Time almost seems irrelevant. This aimlessness lets me keep my options open. I could settle for this ride, drift through the days with just enough impact in the (global) to feel like I’ve made a difference. I crave better results though.

Flying into week 34 of 2017, my mind connects the dots from the past week. The past that decides my week ahead.

Goal Setting

Achievements drive me. The rewarding feeling of having accomplished something gives me life. It swells within me and expands outward in the form of confidence and certainty. Amongst other qualities.

But are there achievements that bring more pleasure than others? Before I delve into the meaning of existence, I’ll whittle this question down to a short answer. The highest good is achieving a collective goal…right?

More accurately, contributing towards achieving a collective goal.

How? By fulfilling individual goals…

Therefore, the task is to align individualistic goals with the collective goals. What are the collective goals? They’re easy to find, aren’t they? They carry the morals that our species have contrived over the thousands of years that we’ve been conscious on this planet.

In this epoch, I would have to go with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals
Global Sustainable Development Goals

They seem like worthy goals to include in career development, right? My experience with the communities that I’ve worked with makes me wonder otherwise. I do feel like I’m naive to even think that the majority of the people that I serve even know what the SDGs are.

Maybe I should focus on something more local?

The National Development Plan perhaps?

The link goes to Brandsouthafrica because I’ve had to listen to people talk about the credibility of the South African government. Maybe this organisation has more agency? I don’t know.

The point is to understand the context of larger goals that our system is working towards.

Aligning personal goals with these goals should, in theory, speed up the process of achieving the collective goals. By that logic, my daily activities (the ones that further my career) should be informed by goals and strategies that already exist.


Weekend brief #Week30

Another cycle comes to an end. The 30th week of 2017 has brought insight and surprise into my life. Digesting the events this weekend will be fun. Imaginations are getting ready for take off!

I’ve logged some hours with the communities that I’m working with and I’m doing my best not to pick a favourite but alas, this was decided long before I even began, featured picture).

govt avenue table mnt
A central garden with charm

I’ve decided to the deem the rest of the communities as peripheral communities. These peripheral communities are built on the community that I have grown to love and appreciate. The vibrant ecosystem that gives Cape Town its world class beauty.

This week, I’ve noticed this beauty fold into different dimensions. Emerging in the people that have made their homes here. Of course, in the harsh terrain that most of the communities have cultivated for themselves, the rarity of human beauty is a little saddening.

Thankfully, the revolution is well underway. Cultures are mixing and mingling. Mindsets are changing as their owners feel the impact of their choices. Political leaders dig their own graves and push individuals into radical states. Communities tying events together in increasingly autonomous ways.

golden acre clock
Complexity in each community

I’m intrigued by the sheer force that this city (Cape Town) has. The individuals that trigger the mechanisms may or may not be oblivious to their contribution but the physical structures make it plain for any African to see. Especially if they’re from a small town, like me.

So this weekend, as I think about learning styles, I’ll also be thinking about the rate of integration in local communities.

The golden miles in #GoldenArrow

I was making my way to the Cape Flats, passing faces, work bound. Staring into the vivid abyss, wondering if anyone had a phone charger. The crowd was silent.

I needed to charge my phone. Badly. I'd missed the opportunity earlier, that was a blunder. My mood was dropping as I gazed at the sky. I considered using airplane mode to pass the time.

What I would do for some electricity! You never miss the spark until its gone, they say.

Everything just felt off, could I manage without my music? Maybe sing along from my memory?

Then this happened, just when I needed you.

Photo Jul 25, 10 36 53 A seat usbM

Inception Connection

The transit system being a marvel on its own, I was blown away by the added level off connectivity that the Golden Arrow buses were getting. Being able to stay connected to my work and family with free electricity meant the world to me.

2 usb ports



From then, my day went as smoothly as electricity from an eel. I gazed upon slightly imposing wonders of nature. Sat with leaders of the future and discussed their way forward. Pondered the strategies applied by economists of yesteryear, guffawed. Discussed solutions to the education system with parents, their miniatures in tow. Rummaged through book donations to find an anthropology textbook beckoning from the chaos.

Travelled great distances through flat communities.

Cape Town's development signals its ability to handle the pressure of African politics. A little too well, in fact. The Cape Flats residents my tout a lack of consideration from the city but with this view, adjustments to that argument must be made.

table mountain 25 jul


Sure, the reminders of the city's rulers hover over the daily (and nightly) activities but hey, at least the buses are connected. That's something, right #Zille?

kind edward 7


To-do list

Organising my life seems like a reasonable request to make if I plan on creating the impact I would like to.

Since I plan on spending more time alone, I need to make sure that the outside is balanced enough to thrive. I feel that the external environment needs to thrive so that my own environment (of my own creation) can be sustained with greater integrity.

I want a secure system throughout.

In the meantime, these are the things that I’d like to do with my short little life:

  1. Upgrade my tie collection
  2. Engage my body to its fullest…
  3. Recreating this experience virtually
  4. Ignore the naysayers constantly plaguing me with their diseased imaginations
  5. Fully integrate my body with this planets information logs (my ‘junk’ DNA’ and its secrets await)
  6. Fully engage my excitement more often, despite being told to shut up about my dreams
  7. Be beautiful
  8. Be me

I keep meaning to write ‘How to’ articles about becoming an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur should help me achieve some of my many goals at a faster pace.

I have realised that the world is changing at a faster pace and I guess I’m taking this added lift to increase the rate of innovation within my own self..

I am an artist, after all.

I’m gathering material for a masterpiece that lives within my self. A constantly living artwork that feeds off my experiences and perspectives.

This mosaic in my mind is my world view.

It is the being that I am, here on Earth.

It is beautiful.