First beat, second attemptorry

Before we begin, please locate a mirror and take a good, long hard look at yourself. Think about this past month and feel stupid, feel angry, feel tired, feel restless, rebellious, violent, that’s all fine but just remember that you’re a drop in the ocean, there are  so many more with worse scenarios out there and you owe it to yourself to go to that mirror and realize that you’re a beautiful, special kind of drop, in a different, spectacular kind of ocean that transcends everything we will ever know. Your physical body has capabilities that will make you think you’re gods among men. You’re a joyful bundle of potential, waiting for anything and everything. Potential is a Force, don’t you know…and you are exactly what you’re looking for. What becomes of that Potential you ask…well, you act on it, you make it real. What’s in your mind flows like a river in your awareness of this beautiful planet.

The other lesson is, everyone deserves a second chance, look at Jesus. It’s practically a tradition with our species. Kind of like initiation, it’s humiliation, your mind will conspire to humiliate and demean yourself and it’ll actually force you to make the changes you need to make in order to survive another year on this Earth. Then you start again, you move forward. Then you break it again, and you pick it up and laugh/cry at the madness. But eventually, when you breathe again, you’re on a clearer path, you can’t see where you’re going but you know how to get there. That’s what humiliation does to the human mind. Well, mine, can’t speak for everyone right, ha ha ha -_-. A good idea is to make a change in your life, switch your furniture around, swear out loud inside of just in your mind. See black as white. The King did say it doesn’t matter after all…I hope 5FM plays the song

Back to my point, forgive me, the time is 5:15 and I’m watching the planets align, I’m just a little distracted but my point is, It’s always the second time, like this post and the next one too, probably, like second born twins, admit it, you all know second born twins are pack leaders.

Shout out to the cleaners out on Long St right now, tidying up for Saturday morning. Flowers, yes, we must have flowers!



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