When you think of Long St, Cape Town, what do you think of? Endless parties? Casual clothes and relaxed browsing, after a lazy Sunday lunch at one of the restaurants? Very bohemian? Well, keep all that in mind and add what you read to your vocabulary whenever you talk/think about Long St, Cape Town.

If you’re willing to use your imagination with me, then I would like to explore with you the idea that our cities are alive. In the same way that we are but not quite like we are. Same but different, you know…

You’re still reading? Good…now, close your eyes and try and feel your pulse, focus on your heartbeat and imagine what’s happening in your body in that moment. With your hand still on your pulse, imagine the two sides of your heart, working in sync to pump blood to your organs so that you can stay alive. It’s really trippy to think about, your heart has enough power to force a thick liquid through you, throughout your life.

Now, think about where the financial district here in Cape Town is…and start walking on Lower Long, coming up through the slightly darker side but then as you come past Longmarket St, colour begins to fill your sight. Tourists, patrons, party animals, workers, citizens, humans and animals. Long St just comes alive right? Walking past Stones, The Force compels you to look up at the aptly named Space Bar, which is very popular in this heat but I will admit that Beerhouse does it better with the mist generating machines, fancy stuff. You’ve just witnessed the entry of blood from the superior vena cava. Bringing in blood from the head and arms (of course, the financial district), close your eyes and count to ten as you feel your heart beat.

Long St eventually divides and the main branch is kloof, which is a little less party-ish and more preppy but still a load of fun! Kloof is a hub for people who go there to make small, cultural changes to Cape Town itself and it basically carries the wave that’s ultimately generated here on Long St, along with Bree of course, every heart has to sides.

Wait, what about the blood? Shouldn’t I talk about why I think the analogy blood works? We, the people, are the life-blood of our cities. We give Long St the energy it eventually wields over us and we give our communities the life that they currently have. We are rich in cultural nutrients just waiting to be devoured by other people who share their own energy. So, share yours on Long St, watch your acts of kindness on Long St apply the butterfly effect and watch South Africa become the #rainbow that it is.

Also, a moment to thank 5fm and Smile904 and everyone that works to keep people alive. All the medics who work hard while the lucky ones get to play, thank you. Siyabonga! Oh yea, Can’t forget Toya Delazy, I wouldn’t love #myciti the way I without your music!


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