If your cup is empty…

Then these guidelines are for you. This article isn’t directed at people who have influential responsibilities on any kind of market. So, if you’re wearing a suit, this will probably just be a waste of time, but I would appreciate it if you would print out a copy and give it to anyone who is either homeless or new and looks like they’re selling a product. Or just stick it on a wall in a shelter. Like on the door would be good.

I’ve come up with what I think are important rules to follow when selling a product on Long Street and they are as follows:

  1. Clean Up

Don’t get offended–that’s a total waste of time–but if you want to get your product into people’s hands, make sure that your clothes are VERY clean and that you are VERY clean and you smell nice. No smell is better than a smell. Grubby hands won’t get you far, you’re a functioning member of society and that means that you have to conform (sorry) to some rules. Cleanliness is your most important concern and it will have to be, especially if you’re new to selling a product and you’ve spent time living on the street. Being clean will fast track your (long and tedious) journey of adaptation. Just kidding, it’ll be like a roller-coaster ride, brace yourself; you’re going to be amazing. I believe in you!


  1. Meditate

Remember to breathe. If you were listening to 5fm this morning, you might have heard one of my favourite radio hosts, Big Dawg talk about breathing exercises. If @DJFreshSA can do them, what’s stopping you? These exercises will help you keep calm when you feel out of balance (angry, sad, hurt, even excited, society doesn’t like it when people show too much excitement. They have pills for that these days).


  1. Do your own survey

Fortune favours the prepared. Do a little dance now and then, it releases hormones into your bloodstream so you can convince your body that you’re happy, later, it’ll become real if you work at it. Find a quiet spot to sit and watch (you could practice your craft while you watch) and notice the buildings around you. What kind of businesses are surrounding you? Does your product complement any of the products your potential customers are already buying? For example: Don’t try and sell ice cream outside a restaurant, unless you’re feeling brave. If so, then please, enjoy your milkshakes later.


  1. Target your market

Identify people who are buying anything similar to your product, ignore them for now. Seek out people who are browsing, window shopping or just walking dreamily with friends. Happy people tend to be more generous, so if your business is relying on the kindness of strangers, avoid grumpy pants over there, he’ll just try and make you feel bad, too. You don’t need that kind of negativity from anyone, ever. You’re worth much more than some people with lots of money anyway. Why? Because you understand suffering and now you’re pulling yourself out of it. Entitled people must be avoided or you’ll get less than your money’s worth but hey, money is money right. For now at least…

Once you’ve selected your market, study it. Observe behaviour, style of clothing, general expression and don’t make it obvious, you’ll just look weird and they’ll scatter like dassies (little, fat mountain puppies, found on Table Mountain) when danger approaches.


  1. Going in for the kill

Practice walking upright, with a book on your head if you need to. Read the book, too, please, that is its main purpose after all, read it again if you have already. Practice your breathing exercises while you read the book. Your breathing will be an important tool to use when your thoughts abandon you for some reason or other. Unfortunately, there’s no app for that yet, you have to do the work. Gentle eye contact with people around you, slightly raise your eyebrows with a very small smile, this provides the “Oliver Twist” effect. People like to feel like they’re doing good deeds and this case, they are, so let them have it. Be warned that some don’t care, which means you’ll probably have to…


  1. Expect rejection

…but don’t plan on it happening. When it does, take a moment to look up at the sky or go and hug a tree. It helps, I’ve tried it. Know that no matter how many times people reject you, you still have your breath and your awareness of your reality.  As long as YOU know that you’re the best, you won’t be doing this forever. #keepwalking


  1. Stay hearty

With HEART FM(104.9), you’ll have access to music that you love and this is a wave you’ll be able to ride as long as your radio is on. Even if you feel like giving up, remember that your wonderful heart is tirelessly working to keep your body alive so that you can be the amazing person that you’re becoming. Don’t be scared to show your emotions. If something makes you laugh, don’t try and stifle it. Share the joke if you need to. Just be yourself, but better, you’ll be fine.


  1. Practice

Whatever your craft/product…ask for feedback, any kind of feedback. Once you’ve made a sale, you know you need to improve your product in some way, however small. This will help to keep you on yours toes and you never know, you might meet someone who can help you develop your product/yourself. You need to find yourself dreaming about your product, be creative, innovative. Meditating will help unleash your creativity and your overall wellbeing. I promise. Though, dancing also does wonders, that’s why you have HEART FM.


Totsiens en baie geluk!!

p.s. anyone mentioned, person or company doesn’t endorse this writing. This is entirely mine.


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