Today, I witnessed what I feel I must point out simply because no one else will. Right now, in South Africa, we have this race thing going on and I wish people would realize that certain things actually continue the system of apartheid in this country. How can you have a popular radio dj host telling the country that “cat pics are for white people” …what about cleaning? And paying rent? Are certain things meant for white people only? Should we compile a list? #blackprivilege

You know what, look at me, getting all upset about this. DJ Fresh, I’ll take your advice today. Help me take my mind to a happy forgiving place. Starting with some gum. No, I’m not going to go swimming now…maybe I should, dancing in the rain might be a good alternative? Or maybe a glass of cold water to get the day started? Now, there was mention of guided imagery but I can’t find the user on twitter. She’s a teacher and she uses guided imagery to help with her kids, if you know who she is, please get her to call in during her class so we can experience this on 5fm?

Okay, I tried some of the things and you’re right, I do feel better. I understand that it’s Monday morning and we are prone to say things that we don’t think about. I know that I’ve been guilty of the whole #whitepeoplethings but today, I found out how divisive this is. #forgiveandlearn


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