As I wade into this stream of information after joining Twitter, it wasn’t easy to find the right footing but now that I am, I’m starting to understand that certain preconceptions need to be eradicated.

Take M-Net for example. M-Net reacted out of fear of losing their image without realizing that certain people ARE their image. What image does M-Net have now? Is it ironic that now this huge company is being brought to its knees by the man it tried to ruin?

I applaud Gareth for standing his ground. I applaud him for using his influence to bring racists into local discussions that we can actually learn from. Media big shots like M-Net need to understand that they play a key role in solving this race issue. M-Net, you can’t bury a man alive just because he tried to do the right thing for his country. Gareth should be given hero status for having the courage to confront this issue head on, unlike our African leaders who tend to bury their heads in the sand…and yet, still worry about their image. Of what, I ask? If your head is in the sand then the image isn’t worth looking at unless you’re Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce!

Stop humiliating this man who has done a lot for you, M-Net. Show a little respect for your employees please. We are not bicycle parts that you can just discard because you don’t like us. We are working parts of one machine and if you can’t treat us with respect then we, the cogs in the wheel of your machine will have no choice but to take control of the direction we’re going. This is Africa, it wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened.

Respect us.


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