Disability awareness

Yesterday, I missed the beat and lost the pulse of the city but I’ve relocated it and it’s stronger than ever! Taking a day off from being connected to everything helps one connect with themselves. Which is a beneficial part of connecting in general.

Now, I’ve had some time to think. Time to think about the relevant changes that #myciti needs to grow again. I was listening to the news this morning and apparently the South African Government is urging citizens to make more of an effort to get the economy going but from where I stand, it’s actually difficult to get something like that going. Here’s an example…

I have a plan to help raise awareness for disabled people in and around Cape Town. My goal is to help disabled people who can’t afford prosthetic limbs, gain access to those kinds of facilities.  This plan would involve the community in many ways.  It would engage the public on so many different platforms. Educational; yes, this campaign would involve schools. Commercial; local businesses need our support and this campaign would support them. Government; we all know that the government plays a crucial role in community development. Community; this plan desperately needs the community to come together because we can’t do this alone.

My question, to whoever is listening, is…why is it so difficult to get involved? Why do I feel like making a change in this community is challenging? What are we not doing in this community that the general public can’t easily get involved?

What can we do to change this?


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