Life Lessons on Long

Life is a party, we hear this all the time but how true is this really? Does it feel like a party to you? When your rent is due and you have no electricity and you don’t know what you’re going to do, does that feel like a party to you? When you lose a loved one, whether it’s a breakup or a death, does life feel like a party then? Yes, actually…that’s what it feels like to party in these days of our lives.

Have a method

Some of the best experiences I’ve had on Long St are spontaneous, reckless even. Wild nights with loads of alcohol and much laughter and I just don’t want it to end because I’m having so much fun. Then I notice the morning starting to creep up on me and real life responsibilities come back to haunt me. I think about all the money I’ve spent on turning up, that’s now worked its way through my system and now my liver is paying, just like I did for all that alcohol. This used to be a recurring pattern in my life, not just on Long St but in many other aspects. Rash decisions that seem like the best thing at the time and for a short period thereafter. Then these decisions tend to catch up to you in the light of day. I tried cutting out these rash decision making situations from my life but I guess they’re unavoidable so now I actually have a plan for these moments of madness.

To your madness

Not everyone can handle my craziness. They think they can and sometimes they even manage to convince me that they can but what do they know?  This, I say to my madness: Honey, you’re not for everyone and that’s okay. I like to get in touch with my crazy side on Long St because I’m more likely to find people with my kind of craziness and at just the right level too. In life and on Long, you’ll be sure to meet hundreds of people and sometimes, their madness will complement yours and other times, Xenophobia and other kinds of intolerance claims the night and you end up brawling in the street, making a spectacle of yourself and your precious madness. You lose a lot in this time, from your wallet to your dignity and yes, lives too, unfortunately.

Be the change

It’s easy to look at other people and make conclusions based on what we see immediately in front of us. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of exactly that. It used to make me so angry to see those women dragging their children and babies down Long St, begging for money. I wondered what kind of mother would do that to her children. Then I changed my perspective. I stopped assuming that I knew what was going on in this woman’s life. I stopped accusing her for raising thieves and beggars and I thought about everything my mother did for me and would have done for me. She wasn’t perfect but she was perfect for me. Shout out to the mothers who do their best, whatever they’re doing. We owe you compassion and kindness, not judgement.

You want to see

Tell me, what do you want to see on Long St? If there’s anything life on Long St has taught me, it is that life is constantly evolving and nothing stays the same, unless it has a death wish. Long St hasn’t changed much, has it? Think about it, think about the changes YOU would like to see on Long St and if you’re willing to talk about them, tweet me. Let’s make it happen, together. Whether it’s more room for bicycles and other efficient modes of transport and less traffic or newer businesses that actually support our local community and everyone in it. We have a unique opportunity, now we just need unique people like you to catalyse these changes, internally and externally. Would you like to live in a beautiful city? Then start by changing the heart of the city and the rest will take care of itself.


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