Philosophy on waking up

Getting out of bed can be the worst, or the best part of your day. It all depends on your approach. In many ways, it’s kind of like reading philosophy and I say this because I forced myself to wake up and read up on how to read philosophy texts (I mean if you’re going to wake up early, might as well read some philosophy for the day right?).

Understand your situation

Look back on your life and ascertain whether this is something you’ve always struggled with. If it is, then maybe you actually have a medical condition. You can get yourself diagnosed with all kinds of things these days but if you can’t afford that, sorry, you have to cure yourself this time and prepare for some changes in your lifestyle.

Have expectations

Whatever they are, have them in your mind when you wake up. Do you hope to achieve something? Do you think it’ll empower you? Why bother waking up at all if you’re not going to do anything specific? Personally, I expect coffee and I expect my coffee to taste good.

Timing is everything

If you’ve just made the decision to start waking up early, start small. I made the mistake of trying to wake up at 4am and this did more harm than good in the long run. No matter how much willpower you think you have, it’s a scarce resource. Try waking up 10 minutes earlier each day, or 5, whatever you’re comfortable with.

This is work

When you’re stumbling out of bed and stubbing your toes on things you can’t see. Your spidey senses are NOT tingling and you can’t find anything…understand that this is work. It isn’t always going to be easy but you can change how you respond to all this stimuli by not responding to it.

Planning helps

Even if you do it at night, just before you sleep. Think about how you would LIKE to spend the first hour of getting out of bed, then try and incorporate some of your ideas into what you actually have to do. Planning is your friend, though it can be a fiend.

Verbal magic

When you wake up, your attitude is malleable. You’re so groggy that you’re going to listen to anything and think it’s real so it might be a good idea to change your morning vocabulary. Some people pray, some people chant and others curse on the road. The choice is yours, be kind to yourself.

Make connections

Once you’ve started waking up early, don’t forget to actually reward yourself for the effort you’re making. Specifically, be aware of the things you accomplish when you wake up early. Allow yourself to feel good about these accomplishments and weigh them against being in bed. If being in bed still seems better, plan something bigger for tomorrow.

Each day is new

On some days, you might just fall back to sleep and find the sun shining and the world has left you behind, again. Don’t give up, this gives you a chance to think about where you went wrong. Move your alarm away from your bed, for example; I put mine by my bathroom window when I know my mind wants to sleep in.

Once you start waking up early, more and more possibilities start opening up to you. Business, as well as personal relationships get better on their own. Why? Who can say? Is it because you have more time to consider why Kant thought sleep brought him closer to death?


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