Public servants using public services

As a public servant (teachers, nurses, caregivers, etc.), do you think you should be paying for public transport? I think we can all agree that public servants play a vital role in our economy and your participation should not be hindered by an inability to access free, reliable transport. There’s a catch 22, obviously, nothing is “free” in this era. In order to provide free, reliable public transport, ALL (politicians, bureaucrats, cabinet members, etc.) public servants need to actively support public transport. That is, if you work for the government, you have no need for a personal, government bought car when we have a perfectly reliable transport system which is used by the majority of the people in the city.

The DA is making waves in the lake of fire that is the current state of government spending and I believe that it is our duty as responsible members of society to make these kinds of waves even bigger and more beneficial. By urging our community leaders to occasionally give up the use of their vehicles and embrace the public transport system, we could catalyse change in many aspects of our economy. For example: all those government vehicles sitting in a parking bay from 9am-4pm could be used to transport local volunteers, caregivers and disabled people to their respective destinations during the day. No more missed house calls with the excuse of lack of transport and the increase in service delivery would be a welcome change in this country. How often would Prasa be late if the staff knew that important people like Patricia De Lille were on the train or Golden Arrow, on her way to work, to keep Cape Town beautiful? It’s an interesting question and answers have varied among the general public. My favourite answer was that the politicians would finally have a unique window into the lives of the everyday public servant, they’d also enjoy the passionate preachers who spend their days spreading the good word, what’s not to love?

Step out of your air conditioned cars and step into the reality of uncertain train schedules and exciting bus rides. Sit down with us at the end of the day while we hope for a seat on the over crowded train. We have a hope that springs eternal, much like the tax breaks that the wealthy always get.



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