Fly little piggy, fly

She’s been dubbed the sacrificial lamb but according to the response of the general public, this little piggy shouldn’t have opened the doors to the big, bad, black wolf.

This wolf that demands impulsive laws that will only serve to rally the racist community to stand by their newly appointed martyr, in the background, obviously. Tell me, who gets to decide what a racist actually is? With so many different ideologies, you’d be looking for a needle in a haystack during every case against the “racist”. Who will advocate for the rights of racists? How do you plan on rehabilitating these racists? Or is your goal just to populate the prisons, like America. This little sparrow that tweets with her last breath, much like twitter, since the company presented it’s “renovation” plans. As she tweets, she sets in motion a chain of events that will lead to a law being made in her name. She will live on in South African history long after Nkandla has been paid for by Zuma.

And then the Gareth Cliff debacle, the only person to stand up and defend this woman’s freedom, who now has to defend his own against these poachers. No, we haven’t heard this story before.

Let the pig tweet I say, she’s still stuck in the mud and that’s her choice.


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