Water = Life

Dear Future,

I’m so proud of you, I hope you know. You’ve come very far in such a short space of time. I’m sending you this letter from a time when the people don’t quite see water the way your people do. You see, my people seem to think that we can just jump like fleas onto the next planet and suck the life out of that one as well. I don’t blame them for their ignorance, I slept in that blissful state for a while before I opened my eyes to the future, Pandora’s Box, if you will. My world is dying but yours is just beginning and we have left you tools (?) to take your race to the stars and beyond. I don’t have much to offer, I’m still too young and uneducated to have any expert opinion when it comes to living. But, even if you hear it from every single person that sends you a message, I hope you never get tired of hearing how important it is to sip your water slowly.

If I have anything to do with the current education system, then one of the first things you were taught, is how to drink Water and I encourage you to practice these guidelines, share and most importantly, learn, every day.

How to drink Water

  1. Obtain Water. Make sure that your Water source is clean; the general smell of the area around the source will let you know of any contaminants that might be in the Water. Once you have your Water secure, give thanks to whoever you worship, if you do at all. Gratitude is the first step to appreciating Water. Never take more than you absolutely have to as there might be an ecosystem that relies on that source, be gentle.
  2. Container. We’re still relatively new to the concept of plastic so we think that we can use it for everything, including storing water without precaution. We should be able to develop a Water bottle that draws moisture from the air, soon. Keep it tightly sealed, hot air sucks water up like a vacuum.
  3. Pour water. Try not to spill it and make sure any ice you’ve added is from the same Water source. The journey from the storage unit into your clean cup is just one tiny step compared to the journey that Water took since time behaviour. Remember each step.
  4. Swirl Water and observe. The different chemicals used to treat water have distinct smells and it’s always good to watch for any particles that might be floating. I fear that your water is cloudy with granular plastic, too fine to be sieved unless our technology survives to welcome you to this place. Don’t worry, when I was younger, I found bits of toilet paper from our school tap, I survived.
  5. Smell Water. Don’t be shy to stick your nose into the container. Notice how the temperature of the Water changes the temperature of the air you breathe. Fresh, clean Water makes your air smell amazing. Enjoy the experience, a lot of us breathe in mainly fumes from fossil fuels. We didn’t know. We had to get to our office jobs somehow right? We had bills to pay.
  6. Sip Water. Understanding how scarce Water is, you know that it’s a total waste to just gulp it. You want to feel the Water go down your throat and think of the rivers that this planet used to have, then make many of your own. Personally, I find that totally blocking any air from coming through my nasal passage and focusing on just the water gives me a greater depth of experience.
  7. Savour Water. As you drink Water, focus on the emotional experience (from your perspective) that this Water took to get to you. Water has been on this planet and gave birth to our world as we know it. Know this this Water drives every living being on this planet, from the long extinct species that we, ourselves can’t fathom to the little tardigrade, which is making the house of Science proud with its ability to exist anywhere. Remember the dolphins and schools of fish that I hope still exist, the vast oceans dwarfed the egos of the political leaders, which is why I love oceans.
  8. Share. In this world, we have these “persons” called corporations that take Water from the Earth and then make us “buy” it from them, in plastic bottles. The people that work out the economics also think that it’s okay to sell disinfectant as “soft-drinks” and we have to give them this thing called money so that we can drink Water. These so called soft drinks are very nice but what’s REALLY weird is that we pay more money for them than we do for Water. One would think that Coca-Cola is a scarce resource until you realize that we’re dealing with price, rather than value. Sharing isn’t something our world is familiar with but when we started sharing, finally, we made our future, your world, better.





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