The Tail of Two Sides

The ridges of the coin

When you look at a coin, it has two distinct sides, right? No. There’s another side. The circumference is the most neglected side of the coin. When it comes to this fact in our day to day communication, we tend to ignore that those two sides aren’t actually separate, they’re the same coin.

I’d like you to pick up a R2 coin and simply notice the head and the tail. On the face, you’ll see what the currency of South Africa is, literally. It isn’t really that coin, its nature and her resources. That coin is a poor representative of the actual currency, in my opinion. Besides, the reality that the coin you’re holding is worth very little is beyond my opinion’s ability to make that reality real by just being my opinion.

When it comes to the state of South Africa, I’ve come to see two sides of a coin. The face of the coin, being it’s beautiful people and other tourist attractions actually can’t exist without the stability of a strong government that is willing to stand in the background and SERVE its country. Right now, the face of South Africa is actually supposed to be its tail and this imbalance is the reason the struggle continues. Now, on the circumference, a different world exists. The little ridges are endless, like the amount of cubicles and cars that are being built, every day, all day, it just goes on. The countless shacks and squashed apartments. We are the ridges and we need to find a way to allow flow between our ridges, we need to clear ourselves out because the current face of the nation is, only now, trying to clean itself up after making the same mistakes the face always makes. Like a celebrity basically. You can’t blame the face for being the face.

As a ridge amongst ridges, I think it would be an interesting concept to have schools grow the food that society needs. We can’t keep relying on companies that dictate what we pay when we have a chance to implement Agricultural Classrooms that would provide multitudes of disadvantaged learners with a sense of responsibility to the community and the planet but also to nurturing one’s self. In a drought stricken country, it would be valuable to have an army of willing and capable gardeners who understand the value of Water and sustainable land development. When you think about what we export most, it leaves one wondering why growing food isn’t part of the basic education curriculum. Growing food is LITERALLY growing money, why aren’t we teaching our kids to grow money?

Probably because very few people like gardening and there’s very little incentive when mouths are crying to be fed NOW. However, if the ridges of the coin got a good scrubbing, local businesses might be willing to purchase good quality products from schools that would be willing to participate in a program like this. This wouldn’t only generate a much needed income for the school but also, allow kids who want to learn more about biology and other scientific aspects of nature, they would have the platform to begin their path through life.

Personally, I would rather have been gardening in the shade of trees than being forced to play a sport that serves me in no way, while getting burned in the Sun and increasing my risk of cancer, just for a  trophy that won’t even make it into my adult life. With my sports uniform money, I could’ve gotten my own tools and had my own patch of land and grown vegetables and fruit trees for extra credit. What would also be fun, would be to let a new student choose an appropriate tree seed and nurture the tree. I spent 8 years at school, I could’ve had a tree named after me that would be 15 years now. If it was part of our tradition to plant trees when a baby is born, we would regrow this Earth faster than anything we’re trying now. Plant a fruit tree for your new baby at your local church or library, it’ll be the Valentines gift that keeps on giving. Plant a tree every birthday you celebrate and by the time your baby is 80, he or she will have 80 trees to their name.

As for the ridges in the coin, it’s a process called “reeding”, to make it  impossible to shave it down without it being obvious and it also make the coin more intricate and counterfeiting more difficult – as per Google.

Plant a fruit tree for your new baby, it’ll be the Valentines gift that keeps on giving. Plant a tree every birthday you celebrate and by the time your baby is 80, he or she will have 80 trees to their name.

Yes, that’s my evil plan. When someone asks my age, I can simply tell them “50 trees”. It just sounds cooler too.


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