Taking back my Love

The repatriation of Valentine’s Day

I heard a lot about couples today…all the details about the things that they were doing and buying for each other. In fact, I was also going to write about couples until I noticed that I was alone this Valentine’s Day, again.

How do I feel about being alone on Valentine’s Day? I’ll admit, I did think about how nice it would be to have a few cats around but that’s like every other day, when I’m not thinking of a litter of puppies. As I started to write about the couples thing, it occurred to me that maybe I was writing about something that I didn’t have substantial knowledge on; and for once, I stopped before my foot ended up somewhere near my larynx.

Hold on…does this mean that I can’t write about Valentine’s Day? Of course not…especially now that I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t even about couples per se. If anything, this day commemorates Bob Marley’s idea about One Love, one heart.

One Love is a very broad term to throw out there and expect people to eat it up like the pigeons who get together and feel alright, then coo at me for pieces of my sandwich. So I’m going to give some examples of how I, in my own little way, celebrated Valentine’s Day.

  • Thinking about Love – The philosophy of Love has been so Watered down over generations of humans that I used think of Love as a simple emotion. Love is more like a spider with a complex web of emotions that work together to make a beautiful dewy morning. Love is so intertwined in our existence that there really is no hiding place from the Mother of Creation.
  • Implementing Love – Knowing this, I thought about what makes me Love everything around me. I gave voice to the silent calls of long unheeded celebrities that died without recognition. Specifically, the bright red cherry tomato that fell onto the floor at the grocery store. So full of sweetness and nutrients, so plump and juicy with seeds that were filled with potential. You can almost hear the children crying if you pause long enough. As I too, walked past this little miracle on the floor, dreams were killed but the Love lives on as a reminder of Her plea to mankind
  • Appreciating Love – This is my favourite, giving thanks and praise to Mother Nature. This is when I get to shut almost everything out and live in paradise. I get to drink a glass of cold water and think about Mother Nature’s unconditional Love for me. Despite everything I’ve done to Her, She keeps me alive, day after day, hoping that I’ll do more to save Her. As I drink this divine gift from Nature (Water), I start to feel the Love. As the ice clinks I hear the mantles creaking at the Poles and as Water fills my mouth, the flood gates open as a monsoon brings nutrients to a community somewhere in the East. Species evolve and whales swim as I swallow and think about all the effort it took for Nature to give me this liquid.

So, what does an amative person who adores the idea of Love do on Valentine’s Day? This person spent it drinking Water and imagining making Love to planet Earth. This person spent Valentine’s Day thinking about starting to use Water and Love as interchangeable nouns. When you Water your flowers and vegetables, you’re actually Loving them.



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