Rehabilitating Racism Addiction

Are you addicted to racism?

Racism, I’ve found, is pretty much an addiction. An addiction without an actual substance but rather, an experience. Like some addictions, it can be difficult and dangerous to identify. Revelations and heartaches make one realize that they need to be shown the hard way.

We all know that racism is detrimental to society, in the same way that alcohol sales are. The difference with alcohol sales is; it can be quantified and as a country, we can observe the rate at which the population consumes alcohol. Not that it does any good, the high death toll related to alcohol consumption won’t stop the frantic race to get alcohol into the stomachs of the population. In North America, it was routine to ply the Native Americans with alcohol, disrupting their tradition and culture, consequently turning the once strong men into weak, snivelling, abusive men with anger issues. This left America to the white settlers who didn’t waste time raping the land. MEC Dr Nomafrench Mbombo fully details the situation in South Africa when she mentions that it costs the government R17bn to deal with alcohol abuse. By government, she means taxpayers. So, if you’re NOT scared then I’m telling you, open up your eyes.

How does this relate to racism? Well, even if you don’t think you’re a racism addict, you should be aware that you’re probably enabling racism addiction in some form or other. Taking responsibility for this as a human being is the first step towards understanding what racism addiction actually is. People who are addicted to racism inherit this trait from someone in their family, they adopt it from their peers, sharing it within the confines of “their people” and chortle as it spills into other cultural groups. Like any addiction, the pleasure gained from indulging racism outweighs any possible negative outcome. The smarter racism addict will find convenient ways to justify their behaviour and write it off until the next time. The even more intelligent racism addict will always use it to their advantage, moving ahead in their career or in a queue. There isn’t a short supply of intelligence in South Africa, no wonder the black majority is so angry at the white minority. Smoke without fire? Maybe, if the smoke was white, but we can all see the black anger billowing against the skies of South Africa’s future. Denying this anger is tantamount to denying white privilege. Denying white/black privilege is just another form of racism addiction and one should quickly seek treatment for this mental affliction. Denying white/black privilege is like saying that because the driver was drunk, he can’t be fully responsible for killing the passengers. So, wake up your sleeping heart, try and see why so many people are so angry.

If you’re brave enough to accept that you might be a racism addict in some way, it’ll start to become clear to you that it’s actually very common. Most people simply aren’t aware of it. You have to hand it to the people who orchestrated apartheid, mass hypnosis is no small feat. South Africa is starting to wake up from a deep, debilitating coma and taking on the profiteering vampires that still thrive in this society will turn us into slayers like no other. We will dream a dream for us that no one else can touch. So wake up.


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