Olivia Twisted

She’s 22, black and at high risk

When I first met this girl, she didn’t really catch my eye. I say girl because I saw the childish behaviours and the tantrums that were thrown when she didn’t get her way. It’s almost like she had some sort of death wish; as it turns out, she did. I looked into her past and found out that she had been kidnapped as a young child. Sold into the sex industry and violently raped by black men who were old enough to be her grandfather. One of the men actually did recognise her but it was dark and she was already passed out from the pain. He could live with it and so he did. The white men pretended to want to help her but in the end, they all just wanted the same thing from her. She wasn’t going to go far in life, her body would be exploited until there was nothing left and she would be abandoned. This is how I met South Africa.

South Africa didn’t know it yet but she had an army in waiting.  She didn’t know it because she didn’t believe it. She had to believe it first, otherwise, they were just clouds in the air. Clouds that she would look at wistfully, with the hopes that they would turn into something familiar and comforting. It never happened and she slowly gave in to the lure of being intoxicated. One day, a part of her mind woke up. In the form of a thought that may or may not have appeared once, before being squashed down by the reality of her situation, a phoenix began to rise. It was a fiery part of her mind and it told her that she had sisters, not black or white sisters but rainbow sisters. Sisters who didn’t conform to stereotypes and didn’t allow any man to subdue them. She soon decided to start seeking out these sisters and lo and behold, she found her army. She found an army of healers who held her gently and bathed her wounds. They spoke to her heart and calmed her down. Whenever a man came near her, her sisters would gather around and protect her. She soon learned to stand her ground on her own. Of course, she makes mistakes, she still feels dominated in an environment ruled by men. As she becomes a woman, she starts to understand that SHE is the heir. SHE would be the one to remove the rapists from their self-made thrones and disembody what little power they once had over her. South Africa, with her army of loving sisters, would restore what was lost and more. How would she do this? Well, after everything she’d been through, her ability to love was all she would need to become the woman she is.


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