A personal narrative

Mzanzi is an interesting word to me. I find it interesting because it seems to represent a large amount of meaning a lot of black Africans. As an English speaking resident, it is my duty to South African citizens as a group to seek and understand what it is the majority of the population collectively loves. I’m so new to this concept that I’m fully aware that I may not be spelling the word right but I do know that Mzanzi means South Africa as a collective and the word is attached, figuratively and literally (here) to a fascinating financial innovation that I think deserves to be acknowledged and possibly included in the core of a curriculum as an example of collective, large-scale financial innovation. Seems exciting to me at least. When you add the western word Magic to Mzanzi, we might start to understand the actual meaning of Mzanzi. We can analyse this another time; due to the esoteric nature of the word, let’s simply occupy in our minds with the word spirit, (an unseen entity that somehow manages to exist in a rational world). Mzanzi is more than just a word, Mzanzi is quickly becoming an emotion as well.

For 22 years, South Africa has revelled in her broken and corrupt status as a Rainbow nation. Not that the nickname doesn’t apply, it just doesn’t reveal the true nature of the life force that lives in South Africa. We can see this by the collapsing political infrastructure that is holding on by its fingernails and the lack of citizen support when it comes to rallying for peace and understanding. A failing education system that gets only scorn from the parents that nevertheless still send their precious children back into the womb of their demise that is the current South African classroom. They simply don’t have a choice, money must be earned because only money speaks in this gold plated Rainbow that’s supposed to be a nation. For 22 years, South Africa has worn a mask but finally, as the International Year of Light recedes but still reflects on us, we begin to see clearly as the monster beneath the mask is brought to light. The wolf in sheep’s clothing has finally been revealed.

Sure, we could look on and demand the wolf’s head on a platter in an effort to kill off any chances she has of having a litter of puppies that will torment future generations of South Africans. The chances are, her puppies are already adults and walk among us, unnoticed in our desperate attempts to keep our lives moving forward in this current economy. Or, we could face the wolf and tame her. This may have been how humans first began to tame wolves in our distant past. Convincing the female to trust a human, we would simply have watched as she brought us an army of wolves when she was in heat. Right now, the Rainbow nation is in heat and we know this because she is calling all the male wolves to attack an already disabled and sickly South Africa. We have a solution though, a solution that arose from the ashes of an ancient black African painting that has been burnt to dust by narrow minded white settlers, whose descendants have become African. Who can resist her charms? As #MzanziYouthArise takes hold, the cuteness overload of our new tame #MzanziSpirit will only be matched by her ferocious nature to protect her South Africa


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