Better late than never…

Preparing for our future

I have spent a lot of time considering culture in my mind. I’ve tried to absorb as much as I can, after realizing that culture plays a role in my idea of the world and reality as it truly is. In this age of hyper-individuality, I’m not about to let something as small as the culture of one small demographic define who I am. The previous generation paved the way for us by coining the phrase “Don’t be a statistic” and from my understanding, this is how our collective memory of language changes who we are individually.

Another huge change we’re experiencing is our ability to connect to individuals at every level of authority in any profession. I don’t need to explain the advantages of this. Extended communication can promote amazing collaborations.

However, not everyone is particularly receptive to changing their lives and this is understandable, it’s the human condition.  We litter, we steal, we kill and we continue to disregard the Earth. How else will we live? This isn’t the end of the story though, as new humans are born, we have the ability to shape their minds to standards that we choose. We can choose the direction that we want our future to go. By observing how long it takes ideas placed in the minds of late millennials when they were young, we can start to understand what to teach kids and how. It’s a very general statement but I’m sure you get the idea. If not, I’m happy to discuss this further, on the record.

When it comes to ethics and morality, I thought I could best previous minds and come up with the right balance when it comes to making judgement. I find it difficult to give credit to anyone that has claimed to solve the issues of humanity, in its totality. If that had happened, we wouldn’t be in this sorry state. Deciding what to teach our children is a debate that will go on till the end of time but one constant should remain.

If our children are taught that our Earth is just as important as Math and Physics. That knowing how to grow food might actually be an alternative to having to work for it, would this benefit our species? It seems like a simple but radical transformation. To introduce permanent Agricultural Classrooms where keeping trees alive is part of a core curriculum, it’ll take mass participation. Government bureaucracy, as well intentioned as it is, can’t handle this burden alone.

If you would like to engage with me on implementing an idea like this, don’t hesitate to let me know and feel free to visit the Cape Town public library for more information on how we, as a community can make the changes we want, as a nation

p.s. this post is intended for 2016/02/21


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