Where there’s a will…

When it comes to the police force in South Africa, I tend to forget that they’re human too. I’m not very fond of some of the police I’ve encountered; the aggression and lack of community spirit makes me feel like I’m around a particularly abusive bully.

It’s a good thing that we can’t paint all the people on the force with one brush. The downside of this is, those that need the help we as society can give, are cut off, thanks to the buffoons who abuse their uniform.

I recently read an article describing the situation we face and I can’t offer much but, I know someone who can.

I’ll end off with mentioning that I don’t subscribe to any religion in particular but I do appreciate certain values and guidelines taught. Please keep an open mind and focus on your personal Saving Grace, religious or otherwise. The message here is a message of hope, whatever your background.


Stopping the Freight Train – http://wp.me/p5Mhr6-1jM


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