Practice what you preach

I used to be wary of religious discussions, until I realised that I was discussing this topic with the wrong people. Now, as I read posts like this

Twenty Years From Now –

I’m starting to understand that religion isn’t an enemy. Religion does play a vital role in our communities and I would be a fool to ignore it. As I walked through the Company Gardens, I noticed a young black gentleman intently reading a book. As this is a rare sight these days (people who read books), I looked to see what he was reading and the familiar pages of the Bible subtly waved at me in the breeze.

In his Saturday best, the gentleman was taking the time to devote his full attention to a book that was handed to his ancestors by white settlers. Despite everything that has occurred and still is, his hope prevails. I have to ask, is there a way that religion could help solve the racism issue here in South Africa?


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