Message to the future

There was a time when I used to hear the word “children” and it meant nothing to me. It was just another word for another random thing on this planet. It didn’t have any relevance in my life so I overlooked it and convinced myself that children were to be tolerated, for the sake of their parents.

Now, as I begin to understand what the South African education system is going through, I am finally starting to give to the children what is due to them. When I think if the future, I think of the people who will be building it with me. Along with my peers and parents, it will mostly be the children of today. The children who are, today, still learning how to read and write. The children who are learning right from wrong. Sooner than we realise, they’ll be creating new technologies and designing our clothes.
To help me remember this, I’ve started to substitute the word “children” with the word “future”. With this little nuance going on in my mind during a simple conversation, a greater sense of respect and reverence is attached. A responsibility that goes beyond my own dreams for my own future. An understanding that children are LITERALLY our future.

So this message from a young designer isn’t just to high school students, this message is to the future of the Cape Town fashion industry in a sense.

Fashion school…Why I love it –


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