War, on a silver platter

I’ve spoken to black and white South Africans who think that war is the answer. What I did notice though, is that everyone calling for war has never actually experienced a war. In Africa, war isn’t nice and neat, with only young men going to fight at die.

No, in Africa, we give our children guns too. We teach them how to kill and maim and after we’ve won our squabble, we wonder why we have violent dictators with delusions of grandeur. In short, South Africa simply can’t afford a war…

Race war for dummies – http://wp.me/p5tUR5-eZ


One thought on “War, on a silver platter

  1. Hi Craig. Talk is cheap. These people don’t know what they are talking about. I must say I get a lot of this type of talk myself, I tend to end the covo very fast. It is stupid on so many levels that I wont even get into it. To much big talk and watching tv.The world is a different place now. Its not even a option. Sorry about the rant but its act a joke on so many levels that this subject even comes up in conversation. Dan


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