A new kind of census?

With our technology on the rise, our ability to track and monitor other beings develops as well. We could all be scared about it, start making sure to cover the camera on our laptops, turning the shower on when we want to have a private conversation. Just in case anyone is listening or watching, you don’t want them using information against you. If you decide to stop before the tin foil hat (point of no return) you might notice that even though you’re living and mostly behaving as a Layer 1 participant, your idea about your image is vastly distorted as a Layer 3 participant.

Conspiracy theorists would have us believe that our education system was designed to keep us not only unaware but also vehemently disinterested in politics that go beyond our office space. We can’t agree with those theories in all honesty. Not with so much information hurtling across the globe into our hands at the touch of a button.

By categorising people into 3 different layers, we might be able to make better economic decisions, based on what our society is actually made of, rather than on our skin colour. After reading the following entry, you’re welcome to decide which layer you’re must comfortable in, then challenge yourself to try a different layer, you never know, you might like it 🙂

A Table Full Of Gravy: Before You Vote… A Word – http://wp.me/p5FHRy-56


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