The cost of free education

As a male, it is extremely difficult for me to have a strong opinion about “Maiden bursaries”…for obvious reasons. If a woman feels comfortable exposing herself to another woman in order to gain an education, who am I to dispute her adult decision. With so many predatory men, offering girls money (not enough for a degree) for sexual favour, is this somehow a better option?

Does anyone else see a lot of middle aged, virgin doctors in South Africa’s future?

‘My virginity will change my future’, vows S.African student –


2 thoughts on “The cost of free education

  1. I think you can have an opinion. This is the worst thing for women. Ever. It’s teaching girls that virginity is best. SAYS WHO? Not good for feminism, not good for women being in touch with themselves or with their sexuality. Virginity should be a choice, not bribery.

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