It’s for medicinal purposes…




As a society, we give these gifts to people who seem to achieve them in some way. Sports people, actors, even politicians. Lately, criminals also seem to get a little of the action. Who can blame them, society loves the drama. The potential energy of an emotional reaction drives the success of those sharing the information and like any common Judas just looking to put food on the table, content creators just give the people what they want. Nothing wrong with that. Right?


There may not be a crime by there is a collective victim. The unsung heroes who wear their underwear on the inside, who go capeless and fly in the shadows. Teachers, doctors, CEOs (along with their teams) who work ridiculous hours to keep the cogs in societies wheels spinning smoothly. Meagre salaries and lousy allowances that are spent on rent, transport and coffee don’t often deter these people.

Maybe we should start giving them the glitz and the glamour. The real life comedians who laugh at hair-strokes and pregnant banshees.

My First Time . . . 😉 –


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