Oh for food’s sake

We at CapeTownPulse have a lot of passion. We support a myriad of causes because as our team expands, we’ve started to understand how humans connect all the different points in our society.

We believe that a wholesome approach to daily life is the only way to reach the level of progress that South Africa needs to get out of the slump she’s in. An approach that considers as many details of this reality as possible without getting distracted from our short term goals.

For many Africans, the main goal is simply to put food on the table, by any means possible. A simple meal will do, as long as stomachs are full and minds are rested, we may see another day even though we repeat the same struggle. To put food on the table, we need to have money. To have money, we need to have a job. To have a job, we need to have an education. To have an education, we need money.

We’re aware of the flaw in the system and there isn’t is quick and easy fix unfortunately, not with such a developed economy, based on principles of scarcity. We’re also aware that in time, we will be able to slowly replace the building blocks of this economy with different principles. Principles based on abundance. As the future comes into view, we can begin to tweak our course and change that view by adjusting and readjusting our current education system. Looking at our future, knowing where we are now, we can ascertain what it is we want and what it is we need. What do we want/need? Food… What can we do about it? Incorporating this simple word into our education system, we can avoid having to retrain future adults with the necessary skills to avoid a drought (As humans, we don’t have to avoid a drought. We don’t even have to survive a drought. We can thrive in any conditions because we’re a hardy species, much like a cactus flower). We can do this buy instilling in our children a reverence for Nature and the life that comes from our planet. Our life and the lives of the countless species of plant and animal.

For example; when we teach our kids how to make a delicious Pumpkin Fritter Waffle – http://wp.me/p7cpq2-oF, we have an opportunity to teach them agriculture, ethics, health and safety, you name it.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


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