Individual to nation

It seems to be a recurring theme, this business of not quite knowing what it means to be an adult. Sure, we all know that we’re “in charge” of the planet and everything in it but when it comes to the practicalities of day to day living, our parents way of doing things is quickly becoming obsolete. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, when we think about the dependencies we’re taught in school.

Admittedly, it’s good to have rules and restrictions BUT by neglecting entrepreneurship tendencies and limiting them, we ultimately stagnate a whole nation. Leaving said nation dependant on more evolved, self-reliant nations. Isn’t it time we got fed up enough to start creating our own society, building our own culture and living our own dreams? We would like to build a system that allows children to be children and grow naturally into adults. A seamless process unhindered by failing economies and corrupt governments. Soon, we won’t have to say…

Adulting doesn’t come with instructions. –


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