A second chance

UCT has been under a lot of scrutiny lately, understandably. Some might say for the wrong reasons, some might argue for good reason. As some students make a mockery of themselves and the education they’ve been granted, some persevere to make real changes that mean something to a greater community.

Take this as an example of the latter. Here, UCT has been given a chance to redeem its image in the eyes of those who doubt the institution. With disabled students willing to work with neglected organisations around Cape Town, UCT might be able to affect change faster than any single NGO or government initiative.

Yes, there’s hope for South Africa.

Disabled UCT Students Demand Change – http://wp.me/p7jnvi-o


3 thoughts on “A second chance

  1. I sure do hope that Disability is dealt with at UCT! Staff members mocked and ridiculed me, and then lied about it later. I was extremely heart broken by this behaviour and I think if something is not done soon, these people in ‘power’ positions are going to ruin the lives of people who are already disadvantaged to begin with! All I can say is that I know how disability students can be treated sometimes and they need to remain strong. Do not let the scum bring you down and try to ‘weed’ you out from this Sovereign-ruled institute! Fight back and ensure that no matter what they do to you, you will prevail. UCT is NOT the be all and end all, despite what they might think.


    1. That’s awful, I know the feeling. When you’re trying to make a difference and people disregard your efforts for whatever reason (scared of change)…
      I, for one, am tired of feeling like I have to beg the “powers that be” to start implementing the change that we all know we need.

      I know that we will prevail, there are more of us and we’ll show them the light in time 🙂

      Btw, those red velvet cookies, omg

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      1. Thank you, Craig! You should try them out 🙂 And on the note of disability justice – I am so thrilled to hear you share my views. Indeed, we will prevail. There is no room for discrimination in the righteous world 🙂 !!

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