What life requires

As one of the conscious living, it can sometimes be difficult to find reasons to continue the never ending parade through the maze that is our conflicted existence.

The high walls obstruct any view we might hope for, forcing us to walk blindly toward our fate. In time, we learn to count our steps and find our general direction. Take choosing a career, stepping cautiously or plunging headfirst, we can’t know what the future holds and it can be daunting to retrace steps in order to begin again when we find less than we expected in the career of choice. It might be good to remember that you’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last to change directions after years of trudging through a less than fulfilling job.

In this maze of ours, we sometimes reach a dead end. This can be especially disappointing after making energetic choices, filled with promise of a better future. A fine example of this is unemployment. This very real issue can and does wreak havok on the economy but also on the individual experiencing unemployment. Falling into depression (or worse) obliterates many opportunities that may once have been available and the statistics worsen. The longer a person is unemployed, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things, especially in this constantly changing work environment.

Unfortunately, many of us have to go through these trying times alone. Not through the fault of others or ourselves but simply because this is the way the maze works (for now). In time, as we begin to comprehend our surroundings and take on more active roles as citizens, through our collective initiatives and individual efforts, a better way will be forged.

We have the Will and we have the Way.

Fight on – http://wp.me/p283PT-2ik


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