Nicki Minaj in Cape Town

We didn’t expect to see Nicki in concert this evening. In fact, we didn’t expect to see her at all, with the economy being so brutal on our budgets.

But we did.

The show started with a trio of boys that did a bunch of covers and a whole lot of dance moves. At the first, the crowd seemed a little unimpressed with the act but as the group performed some popular music (sticking to the familiar is always safe) the people were satisfied with their cake and warmed up nicely to the young upcomings.

Of course, Nicki wooed her audience like a seasoned pro and had most of her music sung back to her. Admittedly, even we were impressed that so many voices knew the words to so many (not very many were sung though) different songs. Not because they’re complicated but because we didn’t realise how much exposure Nicki actually got here in Cape Town. The show was surprisingly short, which would account for the single outfit that allowed her famous asset to make the masses happy with its usual moves. However, a well deserved round of applause was given to a striking man managed to swipe the mic from Nicki and steal the show. Yes, we would go as far as to say that because even the star herself had to strut away from the scene of the crime. His performance was lyrical, theatrical and highly entertaining. He was clearly just living in the moment because it was clear to all that he didn’t enjoy ousting Nicki from her spotlight on that moment.

We are very excited to see how Nicki matures after the PinkPrint tour. She obviously has a lot of influence here in South Africa and as she gets older, her focus might shift to more soulful ballads that highlight her intelligence.

We had a good time, despite the vomit and girls with make-up that threatened to wipe off on our clothes just because we glanced at it. All at a Nicki concert, we figure.

Thank you Nicki, that was fun!


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