Fostering human connections

With the advent of social media, the world opened up to itself. Not unlike an implosion, this self contained system filled with souls inhabiting human bodies finally started connecting with itself.

We imagine the birth of a new baby. Chemicals igniting series of events that eventually lead to conscious awareness of surroundings and ultimately, emotions. Neurons firing purely in instinct for the very first time, doing everything they can just to keep their oxygen levels stable. Ah yes, as we humans become global citizens, our cultures, like hormones, light up the events we go to and spark friendships and relationships that feel instinctual. Expanding our points of perspective to include views that we could never consider before.

We speak of events because even though the Internet has been a main catalyst for this new birth, real human interaction solidifies these bonds, like neural pathways permanently wiring themselves and forming a basis of a personality. Travel, experience fellow humans, step outside comfort zones and be on the verge of a new way of being just by being somewhere different. Start with Cape Town, the Mother City 😉

Aimless Wondering is the best thing you can do for your Soul –


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