Marathons and Bunnies

As Saturday approaches, we who choose to stay in the city have big plans for the weekend. The marathon is an event we’ve been encouraged to join but as it so happens, we prefer the safety of the treadmill. The security of the gym offers a safe haven from embarrassingly sweaty photos and excruciating side pains that only seem to get worse as people around you wonder if you’re trying to act like you’re in labour.

To the marathon runners, just beginning is an achievement.

That’s not to say that we don’t have other events to brave and take on with smiles. An Easter Bunny suit has been hired and as forecasts of rain flood in, a silent sadness leaks into the panic of wearing the Bunny suit. Basically, the fear of wearing the Bunny suit is almost as great as the sadness of not getting to wear the Bunny suit. The mind, like the winds of Cape Town, unpredictable and forceful in nature. We must stand firm in our decisions for this weekend, come rain or shine. Marathons will be run and Bunny suits will be worn!!!

Run like the wind –


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