Coming full circle

We had to come back here at some point.

The individual. The single most complicated organism known to man excluding this planet itself. It’s all very nice to talk about society and what ought to be done and prescribe the way it should be done but first, we need to undertake a study of the individual in the society. That is, the belief system of the individuals and their respective peers. Are we able to definitely say that all people from the same community feel the same way about crime? In theory, yes…but then crime wouldn’t exist, would it?

So how do we decide which individuals represent a larger, unseen group? We don’t, the individual decides. By coming aware and taking in their surroundings, factoring in the society they grew up in and the rules they’ve been instructed with, certain individuals are able to step outside of that closed system and by doing so, become part of a different, even larger group. Still able to meld back into their former society of they so wish. Documenting their unique experiences, patterns do emerge: meeting a teacher, for example. Personalities undergo radical shifts in perspective and begin a “new” path in life. Worlds collide and collude, creating new dimensions in stagnant thinking processes. Trajectories are given new coordinates as old dreams are shown to be minimal, at best.

When an individual travels, a rebirth occurs. Christians may have coined the term “born again” but global citizens fully realise the meaning of this by being born again, and again, and again.

We all still have to go home at some point though…

A story with an expiration date –


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