Success in failure

Today, we embraced failure.

It was spectacular!!!! We had cheerleaders and all kinds of congratulations and tonight, we celebrate our failure.

To make a short story long, today was going to be the day that I was going to stuff myself into an Easter Bunny suit. I had dredged up my plan from my imagination a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had passed the point of no return when I went to the costume hiring company and picked out the last dreary looking suit that needed to be nuked before wearing (this is why people don’t wait until the last minute, I found out).

This volunteering business really brings out the best in people because there I was, slightly late but still exceptionally early, considering my planned fate, at the Oranjezicht City Farm market, ready to don my Bunny suit and have a good time, despite my nicely chilled paws. Burying my rising anxiety, I took my earphones out to look at the crowd that had formed and took a deep breath and put my bravest smile on and laid eyes on a VERY energetic Easter Bunny that was hopping around the stalls, looking all cute and huggable. Needless to say, my emotions were emulsified in that moment. Not having to wear the suit for hours was a blessing from the gods. Not having to wear the suit was also some sort of demonic curse because that had been my plan for the day. Now, there was so real plan, was there?

As I focused on the brilliant view of the moody ocean, I heard Joni Mitchell telling me that everything would be alright. The day unfolding, not according to my plan but like a colourful patchwork that brought a little chuckle and smile to anyone observing the unravelling morning. Nothing went as I had contrived, the children did what they wanted to, when they wanted to and I had to improvise when we ran out of pictures for them to colour in. I thanked the heavens for my fellow volunteer, sweating it out in the Bunny suit with a perpetual smile, she really kept the kids entertained while I practiced my prescribed breathing exercises and coordinated Easter eggs and carrots (yes, carrots; both were in high demand). The smell of the food wafting from all around was a concerto of promised flavours and by the looks of the people’s faces and their pleasant countenance after indulging (gelato for breakfast, as an example) was proof enough that no promises were broken.

As we embraced our failure, we began to fall in love again. Falling in love with local food, bought fresh from smiling faces that go the extra mile to assist and generally, the typical Cape Town experience. Like watching the MASSIVE Evergreen make her way into the harbour like a queen bee with her escorts and the bursts of  sunshine between the light grey cloud cover that hovered over us as if wanting to be part of the festivities ushered in by our local DJ.

By embracing our failure, we succeeded in being alive.

Have a good Easter Cape Town!!!

The market


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