Evolving Cities and their art

Graffiti and other kinds of public self-expression has always been a topic of contention in the community. Which is understandable, any kind of art has its own unique perspective on life that not everyone shares. I mean, in a public environment, who gets to decide what kind of pictures go where and how long they should be there? If they’re allowed to stay on, does the community have to worry about young kids going on tagging sprees and defacing private property?

Subject to all kinds of debate, street art is here to stay. Rising anger levels in the communities in South Africa are forcing the powers that be to take a different stance when it comes to the way the cities work (would you rather have burning paintings or temporary street art?). There’s good news for everyone involved though, whether you’re appreciative of street art or not.

As a resident in a community, individuals have the ability to choose what happens to their surroundings. Sure, it might take a little effort, research and garnering support from your neighbours might be a tad awkward if you’re shy and meeting them for the first time BUT being able to collectivity choose what you want your city to look like can be a fun and educational experience for everyone.

Who will take the initiative? We hear you asking (“Hello from the other side” ;)…well, we think we have an excellent candidate pool in the already established graffiti artists. They have the ability to transform urban spaces from dreary, depressing monolithic monstrosities into passionate galleries that draw the attention of everyone (advertisers do this but mainly for-profit). They also have the self-starting quality that many entrepreneurs need to survive in this world, shouldn’t we be supporting this in some way? Maybe.

Whatever the case, art is always a good idea.

Rasty, Faith, Makone, and Decor. Graffiti / Street Art in Cape Town, South Africa – http://wp.me/p4PWXG-2bs


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