Started from the bottom…

As the sun set this evening, we watched flamingos prance and bob about in a gentle and shallow vlei.

We discussed beauty and how excruciating it is that so much beauty exists in a place known for so much injustice, hurt and pain. It just doesn’t make sense.

Oh, but it does. Looking back, rewinding time as skyscrapers are unbuilt, revealing strikingly blue skies and brilliant stars, untainted by centuries of smog. Roads disappear like lit detonation wire and the explosion colours the ground in hues of colour that haven’t been seen since man came along and tamed the wild. Gone are the loud hooting noises, the bright street lamps and drab pavements that guide us through this societal machine we’ve built for ourselves. Gone are the convenient supermarkets that supply us with everything we need (as long as we have the money for it) and the flight plans that aid an ever growing global network.

By removing the city, we’ve eradicated homelessness, poverty, crime and a host of other maladaptive characteristics we humans develop as our cities grow. We’ve also removed wheelchair ramps (and wheelchairs), hospitals, schools, parks and recreation sites. Is the world a better place?  Many would argue that yes, without us, the Earth would be a better place and maybe Earth would be greener and less prone to climate change but that isn’t the way things panned out. We are here and amidst all the cries of “what is this world coming to?”…we hope to start hearing the same voices ask “where did we come from?”

stories and histories – museums in cape town –


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