Capturing Spirit


If you’re anything like us, that word espoused dread when you were in school and probably still does. When colleagues at work start moaning about some goalkeeper or something like that and you’re sitting there, wondering what to do with your time (work is always a good option…), your mind wanders to unexplored parts of the Universe.


Somehow, you find yourself wondering what kind of role sports even plays in society. All that energy and money “wasted” on running after balls and then hitting them. All that passion and camaraderie spent on anything other than world hunger or animal rights almost seems like an affront, a discredit to the human species.

Taking a closer look, however, we start to see a different picture. Zooming in on the individuals in particular, an ancient form of art begins to show itself. From the sometimes incoherent expressions of pain and agony to the triumphant tears clouding their vision, athletes have been studied for centuries. Their contorted bodies reveal muscles only seen in biology textbooks and their emotions match the operas and other dramatic performances we humans are so inclined to take pleasure in.

After observing this, who then can honestly deny other people this pleasure of personal achievement. After strenuous training and rigorous diets, these sports people deserve to be acknowledged and allowed to revel.

As for the rest of us? Well, we can either live vicariously through our favourite teams from the bleachers or we can find ways to engage sports in ways that don’t overly exert the physical body…

Like photography!!



2 thoughts on “Capturing Spirit

  1. If you have a look back… You may find that sports started to train people in the art of war. In peace time if you had to think of a way to keep people trained and fit..would this not be the way. The English banned most sports for the Scots in exception of stone throwing and the rock toss. Javelin, Discus, hurdle’s, archery most early sports were all that way inclined. Even soccer and rugby are based on taking ground from your opponent. I always found it strange why certain religions don’t do sports, now I know. Dan

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    1. That makes sense. Keeping armies in shape in a “fun” way. And yes, all the different strategies involved in team sports must have a semblance to Sun Tzu’s art.

      Interesting, I didn’t consider this aspect, thanks Dan!

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