It’s free but totally worth it…

When you’ve lived in Cape Town for more than 6 months, the “holiday destination” status of the city allows you to fully appreciate the value of life.

Also known as, the cost of living (to most).

We would like to intrude on the English language by offering a word, almost in the manner of a sacrifice, as this might appease the relevant gods.

Expensiving – (verb), ongoing, increasing costs due to various reasons, mainly, self-indulgent but necessary activities while living in a beautiful city.

Whether the word gains popularity or not, Cape Town requires a substantial amount of money to sufficiently give up her secrets and the amount is increasing exponentially as the South African economy reveals it’s true colours. All is not lost though… As we all know, this city isn’t just made up of hardcore business people who want to exploit the masses. A bohemian rhapsody of people lives in Cape Town, people who don’t mind offering services that allow many to get a feel of the city in ways that disrupt the general order of business. As the city unveils free wifi spots, community gardens spring up and entrepreneurs compete, a greater awareness of sustainable (voluntary) capitalism might just save the city yet. I, for one, am dying to go on one of these…

Cape Town – Free Walks! –


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