@KhoisanPeople in #History

For many of us (without formal education in history) the idea of looking into recent history sometimes seems monotonous and time consuming. It is. Also, considering how much truth has been lost as the victors of old filter the stories of their victims and claim ideas and thoughts like they did material wealth, it can be frustrating to wonder where to add that pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, as a human being, we have no choice but to understand our personal history if we are to understand the evolution of our consciousness. Our cultures, as stifling as they can be, are clues to our origins and hold the reasons that we exist the way we do today. With our technology, we have a clear picture of where we are today on a global scale. Without exerting too much mental energy, we might be able to begin working our way through the puzzle pieces provided by our history textbooks and other conduits of our past to build our story. Not that this will be easy. If it was, Anthropology wouldn’t be a real subject now would it. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun…

The first time I encountered the KhoiSan, the situation involved a coke bottle falling from the sky. The man that picked it up turned out to be a hero (to me) and as I’ve learned more about his people, I’ve come to understand how the world views his people. In short –
“the posterior part of the body projects in a most wonderful manner” – the world needs a better description.

Where to begin?

The History of Our Land – http://wp.me/p7pc7A-E


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