Grant me the serenity

Accepting the things that we cannot change has always been a challenge for us. The challenge is an obstacle course of young and fiery emotions coated with pride and hidden prejudice. By allowing the existence, even acknowledging the existence of the smallest piece of reality that doesn’t agree with our idea of what is right, we feel defeated and imagine ourselves as failures for just saying “yes”. Stepping over that defeatist hurdle, we’ve started to learn that in order to change the way something works in this world, we first need to accept the reality that it exists. In a sense, a neutrality is granted by this so called “serenity” which gives us a platform for strategic planning and that eventual changing of that which we accepted could not be changed.

Grant me the courage

Changing the systems that hold our society in suspension above the ways of farm animals is a long and intricate process. For good reason too, we want to preserve our way of living and the security that comes with it. Many South Africans have become accustomed to a certain standard of living and the slightest change might just flatten the house of cards built with millions of rands that belong to entire communities. Unfortunately, fear can hold its own against courage and here, we go back to that happy place in serenity.

Grant me the wisdom

Knowing the difference between the things we can change and the things we cannot change is like predicting the weather in Cape Town. Mostly, we have to find ways of being prepared for anything and be willing to take risks and opportunities as the clouds finally part and the light reveals them. In case of bad weather, some leeway for mistakes goes a long way protecting our self-esteem from the cold reality that failure is necessary for growth. If we’re able to harness the failure, it can be used to fertilise the seeds of success just waiting for the right conditions that YOU can provide. We have, admittedly, begun to discover that fewer mistakes are necessary if we are willing to collaborate…

UMNTU NGUMNTU NGABANTU – http://wp.me/p7lHsD-4h


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