We were here

On this little planet, our species is determined to leave it’s mark one way or another. Individually, we’re taught to do exactly that. Build an empire and leave a legacy. Be remembered by our fellow men by achieving monumental fame and adoration in our lifetime.

The problem with this paradigm is that heroes aren’t remembered as easily as the bad guys. This is probably due to the fact that it’s much easier to be a bad guy in this world. It starts small. We justify bad habits with ideas about what we’re amassing as a result and we go from littering the driveway to dumping toxic waste into ecosystems. Hey, why not? Everyone is doing it.

The following post showcases “eerie” places that we’ve abandoned for some reason or other. Our fear of these places lies more in the awareness of the crime rate in South Africa but this doesn’t take away from the small possibility that one day, our human race might end up exactly like these places. Abandoned husks that once harbored life.

Is fear the reason we wake up? As Carl Jung said – there is no coming to consciousness without pain

10 Abandoned or Secret Sites in Cape Town You Never Knew Existed – http://wp.me/p6huxo-2hO


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