#Economic saboteur

Martha really is the worst…image


She doesn’t seem to get it…

We can’t figure out what’s wrong with her

She doesn’t buy stuff like the rest of us

Who does she think she is?


She probably has a really sad life.





I mean, the new iPhone is coming out

There’s so much stuff to buy

Her mattress must be stuffed with coins

No wonder she’s weird

I bet she’s growing more than just flowers

Someone notify the authorities





Maybe she’s in debt…

Yes, she’s cutting back on her spending

No credit card?

Maybe she hunts butterflies to survive

Is that a guitar?

How’d she afford that?


We need to buy things

So that we can support our economy

Give people jobs

…and stuff











Martha is the worst http://9gag.com/gag/a674NRN?ref=android.s


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