Remember to have fun

Times are tough.

It seems that the more aware we are of the world, the more difficult it gets to cleave through the day without having to curb an emotional reaction to some disparity or other. Sometimes, we wonder what point awareness serves and why we have this gift. This curse.

Minds are rough.

Being self-aware might be the real issue here. Given the common standards that have been drummed into our society about what looks good and what doesn’t, we have millions of people fearing themselves. Millions of people hating themselves. Without even realising it.

Egos are buff.

The other side of this is self-love. Not to be confused with self-infatuation where our minds’ ability to fool itself takes notions of grandeur and assumes the role of master. It’s a coping method gone wrong.

Remember to luff.

We imagine life as a sea. Our bodies are vessels with the capacity to hold our awareness until eventually, we reach our destination. Which is why we love dolphins. They haven’t packed up and left after thanking us for all the fish like we thought they would. We haven’t driven them to extinction either. That’s good news right? So take your vessel, face the wind and go forth and laugh!

Tricks to recognize a common dolphin –


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