What are the chances?

Last year, there were 17994 reported crimes in a central Cape Town. Rounding up, we have 50 crimes reported on a daily basis.

With a population of 433,688,  the chances of you having to report a crime might seem slim. But not that slim. Knowing that you have a better chance of getting robbed than winning the lottery probably isn’t a very comforting feeling.

Living in the city centre, one gets to see a lot. You learn how to avoid the characters that frequent certain streets and when you know something is about to happen, you’re able to step in and make a difference. One less crime to report. Watching street kids attempting to pick pockets and seeing what could’ve been an Olympic candidate making a mad dash with a handbag is a jading experience. The anger and the sadness can be overwhelming, the mixed emotions, debilitating.

Should I buy pepper spray and other questions to ask when living in a dangerous country – http://wp.me/p2TwaU-kl


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