#Mycity is my hub

Thousands of years ago, when we collectively decided to stop relying on animal migratory patterns and weather systems, we demonstrated our ability to collaborate and create a reality of our own choosing. Distinguishing our species from the countless others that live on this planet, our cognitive abilities led us down a path of discovery, destruction and disillusionment.

As our settlements grew, tradition became culture and that turned into religion. Religion became reality and when reality became real, we cemented our inability to live as we once did in the wild.

Today, our urban nests (a.k.a. cities) are living environments with identifiable processes that emerge from their own existence. As uncontrollable as the mood swings of a human but able to be catalogued and learned from.

What is a city

But the people – Sicinius (Shakespeare’s Coriolanus)

“The Importance of Local Heroes” – http://wp.me/p2WYzx-9I


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