#CTCW2016 and freedom

Cape Town is full of surprises.

I stuck my head outside my window this morning to find Long Street taken over by people. This wasn’t some sort of riot, I knew this because there were too many people having fun. People laughing and dancing. The sheer numbers alone kept the cars at bay and this is where/why I stepped in. Anything that challenges the motif that streets are only for cars peaks my interest.

Burying my anxiety, I got dressed and allowed myself to get swallowed by the intensity of the March. When the smell hit me, I realised how serious these activists were about their cause. There were people in wheelchairs, children with their parents (and without). Young and old, people chanting (now and then) to legalise marijuana.

From what I gathered, only a selective group knew the reason behind this massive effort to legalise this plant. The 420 movement seemed to draw people from their homes for the simple reason that people were having fun and wanted to share an idea of (Utopian?) peace.

“The police could look at this two ways” said a local activist, “they could see this as a drug pushing walk or they could look at us and think we’re a waste of time.” The absence of barbed wire and water canons gave a clear answer. The Golden Arrow bus passes by and an elegant looking elderly woman frantically waves and gives everyone that notices her an eager thumbs up.

For such an “abhorrent topic”, there sure is a lot of support for the cause.

Lesson #48: 27 April 2016 – http://wp.me/p7knwp-1W


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