#Journalist responsibilities

If our cities are living systems, then the only thing that really drives them is information, reason dictates this. As information drives our bodies and lives (biologically) it extends outwards to the bubbling environments we’ve created for ourselves.

When our hand feels the heat of the stove top, the signal goes to our brain and we remove it. These warning systems exist in the greater scheme too. Economic systems rely on past information to know how to proceed and prepare for the future. Reliable information and sound judgement are necessary for the best decision to be made (progress for all).

So when it comes to the people and the political state of a country, who is responsible for giving the people information that isn’t tainted by anger or any other emotion for that matter? Who is responsible to impart information without any kind of agenda, personal or otherwise?

When journalists report on events, they’re providing input for the future. A basis for a nation to move in a certain direction. In a country like South Africa, with the tense atmosphere, ripe for uproar, what kind of journalism would YOU like to see?

BRICS Under Attack: The Empire’s Destabilizing Hand Reaches Into South Africa – http://wp.me/p633Ji-5Lh


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