Saving private #Rhino

When an animal goes extinct, is it part of nature’s plan or man’s greed?

A bit of both maybe. Even though our activities seem to go against the natural order, we arose from said order. Our actions as human beings reflect everything we’ve learned from nature. Survival of the fittest (most adaptable)…

With humans, it’s survival of the richest.
As an African jewel begins to disappear, massive efforts to raise awareness may or may not have slowed down the decline of the Rhino population but a lot of speculation surrounds the ethics of saving animals when humans are dying in the same areas. Marginalised groups of people with no access to water while horses get private jets. It can be argued that these animals represent the private sector in some way.

Considering various perspectives when it comes to human/animal rights is healthy and necessary for dialogue to develop. What’s your take on the Rhino?

The Other Side of the Rhino –


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