Ratchet #politics + Hatched #racism

Once again, there’s a white person being vilified for demeaning an entire culture based on her experience of a few. Words like prosecution, justice, supremacy and a host of other official sounding terms are flung about and the anger seems sated when at last, the victim racist has been dragged through media mud. After being made to perform this common circus routine, said racist disappears into the masses once again and bitter bellies are sated with the bread of retribution and Zuma again assumes the role of entertaining the nation.

Through all this, past regimes are blamed and current regimes go by unnoticed. Black, white, coloured and everything in between assume roles of power and gaily continue the rituals. Everything in between, coloured, white and black, assume roles of subordination and demand compensation.

The cycle continues.

Rhodes, the heinous chicken with the beady eyes and Grace, the egg…new to the world of power and attempting to take Zimbabwe to new heights. And JZ, living the good life.

Grace Mugabe
Cecil John Rhodes


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