Wild #SouthAfrica @ExploreSideways

Africa may have been “discovered” and “conquered” but a lot of our culture was lost in the fray.

Looking directly at Africa today, you’ll either see a bad copy of more developed worlds or an underdeveloped rural community (with a lion in the background, for effect).

Shift your gaze and look a little closer, intricate patterns emerge and you’re swept into a new world altogether. One that you’re able to understand, engage with but also appreciate as totally new and apart from anything you expected.

Listening to Brittany Hawkins describe ExploreSideways, I realised how little I’ve explored my own continent. An innovative company that provides immersive tours, ExploreSideways basically works as a matchmaker, according to Brittany.

Consider my senses single and looking to be wooed!


Then read this account of an amazing African experience (one day is one day, sigh)

A 22 lions, 7 hyenas and 1 breakdown – http://wp.me/p5Oo8T-10z


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